“The SQL server’s Name in sys.servers does not match with the SQL server name specified during setup”

I think my non-DBA background got me on this one today. I renamed my Primary box this morning after doing my SQL 2016 installation last night. Tidied up issues in the Pre-req check for SCCM installation, so I kicked it off and came back to this:

Within the ConfigMgrSetup log, I found:

[code]ERROR: SQL server’s Name ‘[WIN-1NOPPABSENJ]’ in sys.servers does not match with the SQL server name ‘[CM-PRIMARY]’ specified during setup. Please rename the SQL server name using sp_dropserver and sp_addserver and rerun setup.¬† $$<Configuration Manager Setup><04-06-2017 15:37:01.692+420><thread=1932 (0x78C)>[/code]

No doubt, this was due to my rename. It’s unfortunate that this isn’t checked a little sooner, as you’re left to do a site uninstall before you can rerun the installation properly. This is a great error, because it’s clear and even provides the solution.

Sort of. SP_DROPSERVER ‘MININTWHATEVERTHENAMEWAS” worked just fine, but apparently SP_ADDSERVER is no longer supported in SQL 2016 (maybe even earlier?). You’re instructed to use “linked servers” instead. In SSMS, I expanded “Server Objects”, then right clicked “Linked Servers”, and clicked “New Linked Server”. I entered CM-PRIMARY as Server Name and chose SQL Server as server type… and I’m greeted with a message stating you can’t create a local linked server. Switching back, I ran:
[code]"SP_ADDSERVER "CM-PRIMARY", local;[/code]
…and it executed without issue. I restarted the SQL service for good measure.

I confirmed the change worked by running the following, which returned my new system name, CM-PRIMARY:

[code]SELECT @@SERVERNAME[/code]

I was then able to uninstall the site server and rerun the install again, this time successfully.

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