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Deploying ccmcache location and size changes

I was working on some deployments today and discovered a large chunk of systems that have had ccmcache location set to c:\ccm\cache and size set to 250MB since I migrated to a Current Branch hierarchy.

I did not want to deploy something to all systems in the target collection for this deployment as the ccmexec service would have to cycle, and I’m not sure what would happen if an install were in progress when that happens. My other option would have been to create a collection with only the machines failing with the same “not enough temporary space is reserved” message, and deploy a fix app/package to it.

In the end, I had the list of clients with “not enough space reserved” and just ran the following from my system:

[code language=”powershell”]Invoke-Command -ComputerName PCNAMEHERE,ANOTHERPC,ANDANOTHER,YETANOTHER -ScriptBlock { $Cache = Get-WmiObject -Namespace ‘ROOT\CCM\SoftMgmtAgent’ -Class CacheConfig
$Cache.Location = ‘C:\Windows\ccmcache’
$Cache.Size = ‘5120’
Restart-Service -Name CcmExec }

In the future, I’ll probably look at spending some time creating a configuration item with this script utilized for remediation.

2 thoughts on “Deploying ccmcache location and size changes

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