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Scripting bulk client actions.

I had about 11 applications rolling out this weekend. Tonight, I saw about 200 systems hung up in the “Content Downloaded” status. They were well past the deadline date/time but had not yet enforced. I couldn’t find a common denominator, if I connected to any of them in Client Center and ran the App Deployment Cycle, they installed immediately. My maintenance window was closing, so I needed to focus on resolution rather than going CSI: on the issue.

Current Branch allows you to right click a collection and Notify clients to evaluate Application Policies, but there is not yet the same functionality in the Monitoring tab for particular groups with same reported status on a deployment.

Double Clicking the “Content downloaded” header gives you a copy-pastable list of clients. I stripped out the client names and saved them in a text file. I mass-triggered the Application Deployment Cycle with the following script:

[code language=”powershell”]
$clients = Get-Content C:\users\chris\desktop\clients.txt
ForEach ($client in $clients)
Invoke-WMIMethod -ComputerName $client -Namespace root\ccm -Class SMS_CLIENT -Name TriggerSchedule “{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000121}”

I suppose you could take the same list and create a collection, then trigger the client notification from the console. I use this simple script frequently for quickly getting things run on clients. Things like cycling the ccmexec service (or changing cache value and cycling ccmexec), where SCCM would not be practical.

SystemCenterDudes has an extensive list of triggers you can plug into this script HERE. You could also use this with the CCMCache script I posted HERE earlier this month.

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  1. You know, in hindsight, I probably could have double clicked the particular status line containing these clients to open the client list, then selected all, right clicked, created collection, and used notify clients.

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