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2018 Transit 3.7L V6 Maintenance Item Part Numbers and Information

This post is meant to be a reference for my commonly-required part numbers and information. Note that this information is specific to Transits with the 3.7L V6, which to my understanding was in use from 2013 through 2019 in Ford Transits, along with various other vehicles throughout the years.

Engine Oil Information

Oil Brands: Ships with Motorcraft Synthetic Blend 5w-20, changed to full synthetic Mobil 1 5w-20 on third oil change without issue. Both available in 5 qt. jugs at Wal-Mart nationwide.
Oil Capacity: 6 quarts w/ filter change (I add 5.5 and top off as needed)
Oil Filter: Motorcraft FL500S (Original), Mobil 1 M1-212A (Advertises 20k mile life)
Oil Change Interval: 10,000 miles. The maintenance system won’t notify you until around this amount (I got the light around 10,500 last).

Engine Air Filter

Original Equipment: Motorcraft FA1916
Interval: Unsure, but I change every 20k or so, depending on driving conditions and locale.


Radiator Overflow Tank: I’ve had two of these form slow leaks under pressure at the plastic seam. 25k+ miles until the coolant got from full to the low level, so no rush, but will likely happen again.

Cabin Air Filter: Guess what? The North American Transits don’t come with a cabin air filter installed. This fits in behind the glove box and should cut down on how much dust and pollen you end up breathing and cleaning in your cab.

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