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Ford Transits do not come with a cabin air filter installed. Seriously. Here’s how to add one in 60 seconds.

In today’s case of dollars over sense, I discovered that Ford did not ship 4th generation Transits with cabin air filters. I should have figured this out sooner: a number of times on dusty trails, I’ve wondered how so much dust made it into my cab with windows up. The outside air literally flows through the blower system and into your cab with no filtration. This is so simple and inexpensive to correct.

Parts and Tools Required:

You won’t need any tools for this quick job. The original Motorcraft-branded filter used in Europe was manufactured by Bosch and available for import, but why would you? There are a few options for the air filter available in the U.S. My choice is the first one listed below, the “KAFEEK Activated Carbon” filter. A note: this filter, as well as the ECOGUARD, have their “airflow” arrows oriented opposite to the more expensive Baldwin choice. I am not sure of the practical results of this, nor which direction is correct — I don’t personally care much as any filter beats no filter, but figured it’s worth noting!

You have your choice of the following readily available filters:

Time needed: 1 minute.

  1. Open your glove compartment and identify the two plastic tabs circled. Press in on the two plastic tabs and pull the glove compartment down.

  2. Press in on the two plastic tabs and pull the glove compartment down. The circled rectangle is the air filter cavity cover.

  3. Press in on the tab to the left of the cover and pull it out.

  4. Slide the air filter into the cavity and reinstall the cover. Press in on the glove compartment tabs while raising it up.

  5. You’ve successfully mitigated the health and cleanliness issue that Ford created by penny pinching! Enjoy breathing in less dirt, pollen, and pollution!

Bonus! Here’s a video of dust blowing from my vents after driving a dusty trail with my fan on “low”. This is the kind of garbage you’re breathing in everyday due to Ford’s decision to save a few bucks.