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Changing Spark Plugs / Ignition Coils on BMW Z4 / X3 (w/ 3.0l I-6 N52 Engines)

n52 inline-six in a 2006 bmw z4

I had an ignition coil fail in rural Oregon and I was able to replace it with nothing more than a flathead screwdriver in the parking lot of an AutoZone. For as much as I’ve heard about BMWs being difficult to work on, the Z4’s engine bay was spacious, and once you master the electronic side of things (with the INPA software), BMW repairs are a breeze.

This is one of those things that’s really better explained in video, so I’ve uploaded one that I recorded a couple of years ago to YouTube showing how to access the spark plugs and ignition coils. This is a job that anyone can do themselves with a basic set of hand tools.

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