Electrical System Consultation

If you’re ready to discuss electrical needs in your off-grid build, you’re in the right place. This form is designed to streamline the process by gathering as much information as possible up-front, to ensure an accurate & suitable system is quoted to you. Once you’ve submitted your consultation form, expect a follow-up within a business day or two!

All of our systems are built with:

  • Marine-grade wiring, sized and fused/breakered to American Boat and Yacht Council safety standards.
  • Double pneumatic-crimped lug connections with adhesive-lined heat shrink.
  • Custom Coat Gloss Black Bedliner (other colors available)
  • Blue Sea Systems Master Disconnect Switch
  • Your safety and quality of life in mind.

Contact Information

Your Platform / Vehicle

Your Build

It’s assumed that your build is going to feature LED lighting, 1-2 ventilation vans, a small refrigerator, and that you’ll be using the system to charge household devices like laptops, cell phones, etc. We’d love to have as much detail as possible on any further appliances, your planned refrigerator, any air conditioning, your furnace/heating plans, etc.



Shipping / Installation Options