Ford Transit Conversion Van Articles

I always wanted a really basic sink and water system. No holes in the side of the van for a fill port, removable jugs for filling at filtered water stations, ... read more
How do you know how full your batteries are? With AGM or flooded batteries, you can get a rough idea using a "state of charge" graph and your system's current ... read more
The Ford Transit factory 4" reverse camera in my otherwise-pointless rear view mirror leaves a lot to be desired for me. My Pioneer head unit, installation details here, has both ... read more
Like everything else, I did a deep dive on heaters during my initial build. I ended up installing a Propex HS-2000 6500BTU furnace, but later switched to a generic diesel ... read more
This article was updated on 9/20/20 to reflect my final electrical configuration. The upgrades I made were swapping a Tripplite UPS / Inverter for a Renogy 700w Pure Sine inverter, ... read more
I want my van to feel like home, which means that I need reliable Internet. I want to keep up with YouTube, write blog posts, and not worry about data ... read more
I've been using this magnetic 4G antenna with my weBoost 4G-M cellular booster for about a year now. The performance was good, or so I thought. The magnetic bit was ... read more
My friends and I are driving down a National Forest road with no cell service, being in a caravan makes it very tricky to explore any side roads together. I ... read more
Having a Yukon Gear locker installed, I wanted to be able to change the gear oil in my differential regularly.. and the factory cover makes that a nightmare. Sealed with ... read more
There are only two reasons to change your own oil in the woods: money and the satisfaction of doing something yourself. That said, my van is a year old and ... read more
I remember as a teenager, struggling to terminate a wire properly using pliers and the cheapest connectors available from the local auto parts store. I don't think I ever even ... read more
TPMS is really cool, when it works properly. As much as the old geezer in me wants to say that it's just as easy to bust out a gauge and ... read more
In today's case of dollars over sense, I discovered that Ford did not ship 4th generation Transits with cabin air filters. I should have figured this out sooner: a number ... read more
This post is meant to be a reference for my commonly-required part numbers and information. Note that this information is specific to Transits with the 3.7L V6, which to my ... read more
At the end of this project, I had a decent sized touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, satellite radio, bluetooth, reverse camera input + 1 additional video input, 1 video output, as ... read more
One of my primary objectives when I first bought my Transit was not to make any unnecessary holes. This was one hole there was no avoiding. I chose the MaxxAir ... read more
Cruise control is one of those things that we take for granted, so much so that I didn't even consider the possibility that it wouldn't be included in my base ... read more