Cub 25


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The Cub series is built for mobile applications where a large battery bank isn’t required. Whether that’s tent camping, car camping, mobile radio applications, etc. . the cub is ready to power your adventures.


brokensolenoid 25ah battery: This battery is built inside of a genuine military surplus ammo can, so expect the exterior to be “rustic”. Inside, you’ll find a 25ah 12.8v lithium iron phosphate battery, protected by a 120a BMS (configured and scaled down for the 25ah batteries [limited to 50a concurrent load]). The battery features USB, USB-C, 12v accessory, and a barrel connector for both the included E.FLEX 50-watt solar panel and the 4 amp household charger. Each port is protected by a standard automotive fuse (user serviceable), and the battery also has a set of unfused lugs for larger demand applications. Bluetooth monitoring via the “XiaoXiangBMS” app available in the Apple and Google Play stores. Low temperature charge protection, over-voltage, and other protections are standard on all brokensolenoid batteries.
EPolar 300 watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Renogy E.Flex 50-Watt Suitcase Solar Panel (can be used independently of battery too!)
Ultrapower 4-Amp LifePo4 Charger (can be used with inverter in a vehicle or plugs into standard household outlet)

The custom brokensolenoid battery is backed by a 5-year prorated warranty and remaining parts carry a standard 1-year warranty.