Polar 200 (200AH 12v Drop-In Electrical System)



The Polar 200 is our premium drop-in cold-weather system. Built around two Renogy 100 amp hour self-heating batteries, this system allows for normal charging in temperatures well below freezing.  This drop-in system is pre-wired and pre-configured, requiring only a connection to your starter battery, a chassis ground (or battery negative), solar input,  and connection to your DC loads. We also offer affordable installation options for a completely hands-off approach.


2x 100AH Renogy Self-Heating Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
2000W Renogy Pure Sine Wave Inverter
50A Renogy DC-DC / MPPT Solar Charge Controller Combination Unit
Renogy Smart Communications Hub with BT-2 Bluetooth Adapter (Allows for Bluetooth monitoring of Inverter, Charger, and Battery)
Marine-Grade Wiring, Cable Lugs, and Heat Shrink

We warranty our workmanship for as long as you own your rig. The Renogy batteries are backed by a 5-year prorated warranty, DC-DC/MPPT Charger 2 years, and remaining Renogy parts carry a standard 1-year warranty.